Cowboy Up - Mechanical Bull Productions For Ultimate Bull Riding Experience

Action Packed, Fun-Filled, Crowd Pleasing

Cowboy Up Mechanical Bull Productions offers action packed, fun filled, crowd pleasing mechanical bull rides where our primary objective is to give the “bull rider” a successful, action packed bull ride.  

Our intention is not to “throw” the rider off but to have them enjoy the ride.  Our experience has shown that they will be back for “more” rides.

Cowboy Up Now Mechanical Bulls are manufactured to our specifications and are THE MOST life-like mechanical bulls on the market today.  Real cowhide and real heads provide the look and feel of the REAL THING.

Expert controlled response of the bull is operated by both electric and hydraulic systems delivering a real life action and ensures a realistic ride. 

Great for Corporate events and parties

"Cowboy Up" offers our mechanical bulls for Corporate and private parties, fairs, rodeos, expositions, trade shows, rodeo training seminars. We operate as paid entertainment or as a commercial vendor.

Please Note, as we are located in Southern California, our services for single-day events are limited to California, Nevada and Arizona. For multi-day events outside this area please contact us.

Draw large enthusiastic crowds and participants!

"Cowboy Up" mechanical bull events draw large enthusiastic crowds and participants. In addition, we provide "state of the art" audio and video equipment with stereo sound, photo/video imaging equipment and professional lighting. Additional income can be generated from still photos, video tapes, and the sale of t-shirts and caps. As a commercial vendor this will produce additional income for the host venue.

To schedule a mechanical bull for your event, please contact us by one of the following methods
Or call us: (406) 952-4121

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