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Safety is our primary concern

Cowboy Up Mechanical Bulls have been manufactured with "Safety" being the number one priority and include all the physical and mechanical safety features available today.  Included in these safety features are 3 inches of industrial foam on the entire bull body covered with a real cow hide and the "sudden stop" hydraulic motors and "soft touch" hydraulic controls.  In addition, the bull is surrounded by a 20 x 20 foot baffled air bag 14 1/2 inches thick that will protect a rider up to 250 lbs.  The bulls are manufactured to our strict specifications and meet or exceed all the safety and stress specifications set by the California Department of Rides and Amusement as well as meet or exceed all OSHA standards.

3" industrial foam padding 20x20 Air Bag 14 1/2" thick "Sudden Stop" motors

At Cowboy Up Mechanical Bull Productions we feel that the ultimate key to rider safety is in the hands of the mechanical bull operator.  We feel that any piece of equipment is only as safe as the person operating it and for this reason all of our operators are trained and certified.  The manufacture of our mechanical bulls have been in operation since 1990 and are leaders in mechanical bull innovation, safety and certification of bull operators.

"Soft Touch Controls" Exceed safety standards Certified Professionals

Cowboy Up Mechanical Bull Productions carries Triple A rated liability insurance that meets or exceeds CFSA (California Fair Service Authority) requirements and the host event can be listed as an additional insured if required or desired.

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